Frequently asked questions about JCT Travel




How many people can you take on the bus?


All of our minibuses can take 16  passengers. We have 14 seaters and 16 seaters available.




Where are you based?


JCT  Minibus is based 5 mins from Manchester Airport  and ideal for hire in, Manchester,Cheshire and Greater Manchester




Which towns and cities do you serve?


Anywhere within 20 miles of Manchester is within our catchment area. So we are perfect for minibus hire in Manchester, but this also includes the towns of Sale, Altrincham, Wythenshawe  & Manchester Airport  Please note that this is our catchment area for picking you up – we are happy to take you wherever you need to go.




What information do I need to give you for a quote?


In order to check on availability, we will firstly need to know your intended date(s) of travel. Next we need to know where you would like to be picked up from, and your destination. Then the approximate pick-up and return times. Then how many pick-ups and drop-offs you require. Next we need to know how many people will be travelling. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact number – a rough estimate is fine. It is also useful to us to know what kind of event you are going to. Is it somebody’s birthday? A music concert? A hen do? A wedding? An airport transfer? If you leave a message for us on our landline answer machine or on our mobile voicemail, then don’t forget to leave your contact telephone number, so that we can ring you back – it’s amazing how many people forget this, and then we unfortunately have no way of getting back in contact with them.




Do you have any taxis?


No, JCT Travel is purely a minibus company, and we do not operate any taxis.




Do you have any coaches for hire?


No, we do not presently have any coaches for hire. Our vehicles are all minibuses, each one equipped to take 14- 16  passengers.




There are 18 of us. Could a couple of us stand on the bus?


No. The maximum number of passengers allowed in any one minibus is 16, and everybody must be seated. Standing on the bus is not allowed by law, and is also highly dangerous.




There are only 5 of us. Can we still get a quote from you?


Here at JCT, we are always more than happy to work out a quote for you, regardless of whether there are 5 of you, or 14 of you.




Do you offer discounts for OAPs?


No, we do not currently offer discounts for OAPs.




Do you offer discounts for students?


No, we do not currently offer discounts for students.




Do you offer multiple-trip discounts?


Yes, if you book Rochdale Minibus  for 2 or more trips, where the trips are all very close together, then we are happy to offer you a discount. Although this is at our discretion, the discount is normally around 10%. So, for example, if you booked with us to take you and a group of your friends out for a meal on a Wednesday night, and then you needed transport for a wedding that you were attending on the following Saturday, then we would happily offer you a discount.




Do you provide child seats?


No, we do not provide child seats, but we are always more than happy to take babies and children of any age on our minibuses. You are of course permitted to bring along your own child seats and to use them in the minibus in the same way that you would use them in your own private car.




Do you do airport transfers?


Yes, we frequently do airport transfers. We are happy to do one-way trips as well as return trips. Please contact us if you would like a quotation for a trip to or from any UK airport.




Do you do long-distance trips?


Yes, we are more than happy to do trips of any distance, and offer very competitive prices for all long-distance trips. Over the years, we have taken groups up to Edinburgh, across to south Wales, down to Cornwall, and to pretty much everywhere else in-between.




Do you offer self-drive hire?


No, at present we do not offer self-drive hire. We are a private hire minibus company, and our minibuses are all chauffeur-driven.




Do you charge a “per person” price?


No, not normally. We operate in the same way as a taxi, so our prices are governed mainly by the distance involved in your journey, and the price remains the same, irrespective of how many people are travelling. When we provide you with a quotation, we often tell you how much this equates to per person, so that you get a better feel for the price. £300 sounds like a lot of money, but if there are 15 of you, then this works out to £20 per person – which sounds a lot more manageable!




Do you take stag parties and hen parties?


Yes, we are very happy to take groups of stags and hens.


Can you offer suggestions for tours?


Yes, we can, and if one day is not enough for your itinerary, then we can help you to design a tour which lasts for 2 or 3 days, or even more if you wish.






Are we allowed to eat and drink on the bus?


Yes, you are currently allowed to eat and drink on all of our minibuses. Please take your litter home with you though, as we often go from one job to the next, and it’s not fair for the next group if they are greeted with a dirty, messy or untidy bus.




Do your minibuses have disabled access?


Yes, unfortunately Rochdale Minibus currently have disabled access.




Are older people easily able to get on and off the minibus?


Older people, and those who have problems walking, do not normally have any problems getting on and off our minibuses.




Do your minibuses have air-conditioning?


No, none of our vehicles currently have air-conditioning.




Do your minibuses have microphones?


No, none of our vehicles currently have microphones.




Is there a toilet on board the minibus?


No, there are no toilets on board any  JCT vehicles. On longer journeys, we always factor in rest stops along the way. Generally speaking, one rest stop every one-and-a-half to 2 hours, but our drivers are always flexible on this matter.




Are there seatbelts in the minibuses?


Yes, for your comfort and safety, all of our vehicles are fitted throughout with 3-point seatbelts. 3-point seatbelts are over-the-shoulder belts, as opposed to lap-belts, and every single seat has its own individual belt.




Can we just hail you down in the street, like we can a taxi?


No, all journeys must be pre-booked in advance.




Why don't we see any of your buses sitting in the taxi ranks?


By law, minibuses are not allowed to sit in taxi ranks and wait for business. Journeys must be pre-booked in advance. This is because the licence is different. We do not hold a hackney carriage licence, which permits vehicles to sit in ranks and wait for business. Instead, we hold a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Operator’s Licence. This licence is not issued by the local council




How do I know that your vehicles are properly licensed?


Unfortunately, as with any trade or profession, there are “cowboys” out there – people who are offering a minibus service who do not hold the correct licence. You can’t just go out and buy a bus and start taking people around in it for money. This is highly illegal and highly dangerous, as it puts people’s lives at risk. You can be assured that all of our minibuses are properly taxed, licensed, insured and MOT’d. We hold a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Operator’s Licence. In all of our vehicles, the operator’s licence disc is located next to the tax disc on the passenger side of the front windscreen. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our vehicle licensing responsibilities – we are always happy to help.




How do I know that your drivers are properly qualified?


You have to have a special licence to drive a minibus for hire or reward. For hire or reward essentially means that you are carrying fare-paying passengers, i.e. you are operating a commercial enterprise for profit. The licence required is a D1 licence. This is halfway between an ordinary car licence and a bus licence. By law, all minibus drivers working for profit-making companies MUST have at least a D1 licence. In order to obtain a D1 licence, you have to take a separate theory test (one specifically geared to larger vehicles) and pass a separate practical driving test (designed specifically for minibuses). You can be assured that all of our drivers have obtained their D1 licence. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, then please feel free to ask any of our drivers for evidence of his or her qualifications. They will be only too happy to help put your mind at ease. Or simply contact us here in the office.




How do I know that your minibuses are roadworthy?


Under the conditions of our PSV (Passenger Service Vehicle) Operator’s Licence, all of our minibuses must be inspected every 10 weeks. This 10-weekly inspection is like a mini-MOT test. Each PSV Safety Inspection Report lists 72 separate things that must be tested each time (i.e. every 10 weeks). This includes seatbelts, mirrors, brakes, handrails, tyres, the chassis, shock absorbers, transmission shafts, and all the lights, both internally and externally, as well as many other things besides. If a fault is found with anything, then it must be put right there and then, in order for the minibus to pass the inspection. Here at ,Rochdale Minibus  we take the safety of our vehicles and the safety of our passengers very seriously, and you can be assured that all of our vehicles are inspected every 10 weeks, and all are in a roadworthy condition. If you have any questions or concerns about this, then please feel free to contact us. Here in the office, we keep a copy of every single inspection that each of our minibuses undergoes, and we would be more than happy to send you a copy of the most recent inspections if you would like us to.




Do you have any public liability insurance?


Yes, we have public liability insurance, covering us for any claims of up to £5 million. This insurance is separate from, but runs alongside, the fully comprehensive insurance cover that we have in place for all of our vehicles, and means that we, and you, are covered for all eventualities.






Do the minibuses carry a First Aid Kit?


Yes, all of our vehicles carry a First Aid Kit. This is normally located inside the glove box on the passenger side.




Do the minibuses carry a fire extinguisher?


Yes, all of our vehicles carry a fire extinguisher. This is normally located on the floor, in the gap between the driver’s seat and the passenger seats in the front of the vehicle.




On longer journeys, can we stop along the way?


Yes, that’s no problem at all. On longer journeys, we are happy to stop along the way. At Rochdale Minibus , we pride ourselves on our service and flexibility. We want to ensure that you enjoy a smooth, comfortable, trouble-free journey with us, so we will always go the extra mile to provide you with an excellent all-round service.




Do you offer multiple pick-ups and multiple drop-offs?


We respect and appreciate the fact that without our customers, we wouldn’t exist as a company. It really is as simple as that. The recent recession has shown that if you don’t look after your customers, then your business is on a very slippery slope, in a downhill direction. At JCT Travel  , we believe that we look after our customers extremely well. Consequently, we are very happy to provide multiple pick-ups and multiple drop-offs. When you ring up, or email us, for a quotation, you will be asked how many pick-ups and drop-offs you require. Obviously the price(s) that you are quoted will take this factor into account, so if you require 3 pick-ups and 5 drop-offs, for example, then this will be reflected in a slightly higher price than if it were just 1 pick-up and 1 drop-off.






Do you have a daily charge for minibus hire?


As a rough guide, our daily charge is normally between £300 and £400, depending on the distance involved in your journey, and the pick-up and drop-off times. However, please note that all of our quotations are tailored specifically to your requirements, so depending on where it is that you need to get to, it is quite possible that your quotation could be more than £400 or less than £300.




Do your prices include VAT?


The rules surrounding VAT are incredibly complex. However, for the most part, the supply of transport services is what they call zero-rated as regards VAT. This means that you will not need to pay any VAT when you hire one of our chauffeur-driven minibuses. It is important to us that our prices are always clear and transparent, and so there are never any hidden extras with Rochdale Minibus  – the price that we quote you is the full price that you will pay if you choose to book with us.






How long in advance do I need to make a booking for minibus hire?


There are no hard and fast rules around this, however, the earlier, the better. We would suggest that you make enquiries for your intended trip(s) at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance, in order to avoid disappointment. For major events, such as Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, weddings, stag and hen dos, airport transfers, music concerts, Christmas parties, etc., we would suggest that you book at least 2 to 3 months in advance, as these events are always very popular, and tend to get booked up very quickly.




When are your busiest times of the year?


Our busiest times of the year are the summer months of June, July and August and around Christmas. Booking well in advance for trips taken at these times is most definitely recommended.




When are your quietest times of the year?


January and February, and October and November, are usually quieter months. Although booking well in advance at any time of the year is always recommended, there is usually less of a necessity to do so in these 4 colder months.




Are you flexible with pick-up times?


Yes, we will always try to be flexible with pick-up times. If you had originally booked the minibus to pick you up at 10:30pm, for example, but decide at the start of the evening that 11pm would be better, then we will definitely do our best to accommodate this request. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee this, as we may have other bookings on the same night / day, and on these occasions, we will have to stick to the original timings, as it would not be fair to let our other customers down.




What happens if I have to cancel my booking?


It all depends on the reason why you need to cancel your booking. If it is because you are ill, have had an accident, or there are circumstances beyond your control, then in most cases, we would refund you any money that you had already paid us. Circumstances beyond your control are things such as events being cancelled due to bad weather conditions, your flight being cancelled or postponed, your ship being unable to dock due to rough seas, etc. If, on the other hand, you are wanting to cancel due to people dropping out or your plans have changed, then you will lose your deposit, and, depending on how close to the date of travel it is, possibly also any other monies that you have paid to us. Ultimately, all refunds are at our discretion, but we will always treat you in a fair and appropriate manner. Please see our terms and conditions on the homepage for a more detailed explanation










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